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Passed EC Type 6 certificate


 We finally passed the testing on our CrossGard SMS coveralls according to EN 13034:2005 and EN1149-5 regulation in EEC Directive 89/686/EEC Article 10 at last amended by EEC Directive 96/58/EEC Personal Protective Equipment. Assisted by TUV Rheinland we also get the ceritificate of EC Type-Examination.

This European Directive presenting the safety standards for industrial devices. Compliance with this Directive is also indicated by affixing a CE pictogram. The PPe Directive covers a wide range of head to foot protective apparel. Listed as below:

Type 1: Gas-tight clothing                                                                         EN943-1, EN943-2

Type 2: Non-gas-tight clothing                                                                 EN 943-1

Type 3: Protection against pressurised liquid chemicals                  EN 14605

Type 4: Protection against liquid aerosols                                            EN 14605

Type 5: Protection against airborne solid particulate chemicals      EN ISO 13982-1

Type 6: Limited protection against liquid mist                                      EN 13034