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Shoe covers

Regular Polypropylene Shoe Cover

1. Sonic weld, Heat seal, Serged three different seams
2. Conductive for ESD concern, black strips can be optional
3. 100% non-woven SPP
4. Fluid impervious

Non-Skid Shoe Cover

1.Made from breathable, fluid-repellent spunbond material
2.New, stripe pattern non-skid for increased traction
3.Classic Tire and Wave pattern is available
4.Good quality glue for the pattern on sole

Shoe Cover with PE/PVC sole

1.Side material can be breathable, fluid-repellent PP or Microporous
2.Sole material can be white PVC, PU or PE coated PP
3.Much bigger size than classic nonwoven shoe cover
4.Good quality seam on sole and side ensure fluid resistance

Impervious Breathable Knee-High Boot Cover

1. Lightweight,Breathable,Non-conductive material in SMS or Microporous
2. With tie back or not
3. With elastic bands or not
4. With PVC sole or not

Polyethylene Boot Cover / Shoe Cover

1.Fluid-resistant material Till the knee
2.Heat-sealed seams on foot reduce the chance of fluid penetration
3.High fluid protection
4.Available with non-skid pattern with PP+PE sole