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Patient Apparel

SuperSoft™ Traditional Patient Gown

1.Generously cut
2.These gowns can be worn as a rear or front closure gown
3.Ideal for extended wear and multi-phase procedures
4.Waist ties are attached

SuperSoft™ Patient Wrap Gown

1.Wrap around design offers complete coverage for the ultimate in patient modesty
2.Front Wrap in "Kimono" style
3.Front Wrap in Robe style
4.Full Wrap with 3-Armhole
5.Offers unprecedented comfort and is ideal for OB/GYN use

SuperSoft™ Patient Exam Shorts

1. Patient Exam Shorts
2. Three layer fabric-like softness SMS material
3. comfort and fluid resistance
4. Durable nonwoven material

Scrim Reinforced Tissue Gown

1. Sewn seam
2. 4-ply scrim-reinforced tissue
3. Excellent durability, modesty and comfort
4. Ideal for extended wear or multi-phase exams

Scrim Reinforced Patient Exam Vest

1.3-ply layers Tissue + Poly + Tissue
2.Attached ties
3.Can be worn with opening in front or in back.
4.Blue or White color
5.Latex free